American dollar in hands of numismatist and magnifying glass

COINSPlus #1 in Coin Buying

Why COINSPlus is #1 in Coin buying: COINSPlus is a highly reputable national buyer of silver dollars, coins & collections, estate & accumulations, precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum & palladium, collectible paper money, US & world Mint products, and high volumes of scrap gold, jewelry & gems. The company is also staffed by […]

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America’s True Financial State

The Only Timeless Method To Prepare Our nation’s founders fell prey to the utter demise and bankruptcy of the continental currency-a-currency representing the 13 colonies. According to Thomas Jefferson, this complete and utter financial implosion of currency was a “divinely inspired” event preparing them for the the drawing up of the constitutional monetary system as

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The Deceptive Infiltration of Socialism (Marxist Communism)

Urgent Necessity For Immediate Capital Preservation Around 1900, the theory of communism had become widely accepted in philosophical and academic circles which eventually lead to the adoption of the Federal Reserve System which financially maimed America while we allowed some of the greatest tyrants in world history to rise to power under the deceptive guise

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