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Kevin Wolter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Successful Executive Level Banking Management Experience with Bank of America as well as extensive successful post graduate economics and business and educational experience to build COINSPlus into the Northwest region’s premier rare coin and precious metals broker, dealer and depository service.

In over two decades in business, Kevin has successfully negotiated the purchase and sale of nearly $1Billion in rare coins and precious metals. While countless dealers including some of the biggest names in the coin and precious metals industry have bankrupted and absconded $10’s of $millions of dollars, COINSPlus has successfully endured market challenges and changes by remaining debt free and highly capitalized.

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Kevin has an extensive successful collegiate education as well as professional background in Executive Level Banking Management with Bank of America, Series 6 & 7 licensing in securities and investment guidance, Actuarial Experience, post graduate economics studies and has specialized in assisting clients in wealth and capital preservation investment guidance in hard assets emphasizing successful rare coin and precious metals portfolios that have experienced the longest financial bull market in history beginning with the abandonment of the gold standard in the early 1970’s.

COINSPlus operates from one of the nation’s finest industry specific brick and mortar facilities nationwide. This 12,000 SqFt facility was built from the ground up with the consideration of every security measure in mind including one of the highest rated privately held depository services nationwide. 

COINSPlus is undoubtedly among your most secure options in buying and selling collections, estates, rare coins, and precious metals.

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