Kevin Wolter has a passion for sharing his knowledge and experience in the world of economics, the constitutional monetary system, modern day banking, finance, the history of money and investing in coins and precious metals and has been a key note speaker at many related events. With proper notice, Kevin will consider speaking engagements when the venue and topic are relevant and applicable to the audience at hand.

Consider utilizing Kevin Wolter’s experience to inform your audience with:

  • An in-depth lecture for a company’s younger employees about how to start investing in precious metals for long-term growth and financial security, emphasizing the financial necessities of raising a family, purchasing a first home, saving for college, and paying off debts.
  • Discussions with the numismatists club at a retirement community on how a coin collection should be appraised properly and the best ways to introduce coin collecting to younger generations.
  • Teaching scout troops to properly appreciate the historical significance of coins and precious metals including how and why the design & composition of coins has changed over time and how world events have influenced the value of precious metals.
  • Educating other members of the antiques and collectibles trade in how to identify and prevent cases of counterfeiting and fraud.
  • Giving a seminar at a convention or other large gathering such as Chicago World’s Fair of Money® or Florida United Numismatists. Kevin Wolter would be happy to speak about his expertise in valuation and coin grading.

In addition to his experience in coinage and precious metals, Kevin’s education and experience in math, statistics, economics, executive banking, financial management, real estate, and investment theory make him an excellent choice to be the featured or keynote speaker at conventions, seminars, and workshops across a variety of industries and subjects including:

  • Professional Organizations
    • Property insurance (sales & underwriting)
    • Wealth management
    • Realtors and real estate investors
  •  Topics
    • The Role Precious Metals Should Play in Personal Finance Management
    • How to Identify Macroeconomic Trends and Invest Accordingly
    • Estimating the Long-Term Value of Real Estate Investments
    • How to build your business’ reputation and establish it as the local authority that similar businesses in the region are measured against.

Kevin will work with you to identify a topic that’s pertinent to your event and will connect with your audience in a meaningful and resonant way.

Get in touch with Kevin Wolter today if you’re interested in having him speak at your next event!

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