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COINSPlus #1 in Coin Buying

Why COINSPlus is #1 in Coin buying:

COINSPlus is a highly reputable national buyer of silver dollars, coins & collections, estate & accumulations, precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum & palladium, collectible paper money, US & world Mint products, and high volumes of scrap gold, jewelry & gems. The company is also staffed by well-trained, experienced & knowledgeable experts providing them with the ability to utilize their expertise to pay you the most for your holdings.

COINSPlus is one of a select few dealers fully staffed with employees certified by the ANA in advanced coin grading & counterfeit detection. The company specializes in the handling of silver dollars and large original estates and accumulations. As the sister company of COINSPlus, Clock Tower Jewelry also offers extensive GIA knowledge and experience in handling quality diamonds.

As a high volume & low margin rare coin & precious metals broker, dealer & depository service, COINSPlus has bought & sold nearly $1 Billion in coins, collections, estates, precious metals, scrap gold, jewelry & diamonds over the previous 2+ decades. Brokers such as COINSPlus offer their clientele extensive knowledge in every line of related collectibles and most importantly, they are also serious coin collectors, investors and connoisseurs themselves. COINSPlus IS the end user. They are not “middle-men” as most dealers are. Most dealers buy to simply “flip” your coins to another dealer, cutting into your bottom line. But COINSPlus sells to literally 10’s of 1000’s of clients which they have developed over decades of trusted transactions.

COINSPlus is a trusted investment and collection advisors-assisting clients in wealth and capital preservation as well as building “hard asset” 401K’s & IRA’s. The company operates from one of the nation’s finest custom built industry specific facilities built with privacy and extreme security as a center-point. COINSPlus also offers clients one of the nation’s highest-rated, privately held depository services offering truly unmatched and unimaginable levels of security, privacy & confidentiality.

Due to its highly capitalized position and extreme levels of experience, COINSPlus possesses the knowledge & experience to handle transactions of any size or significance. 

Simply put, if you have been looking for an honest, seasoned, respected and nationally reputable coin & bullion dealer to assist you in paying you the most for your coins, collections, gold or silver and especially scrap gold jewelry & quality diamonds, COINSPlus and Clock Tower Jewelry are your best choice nationally for liquidating these items. As countless customers have reported “COINSPlus simply pays the most”. They are extremely knowledgeable of current market trends and conditions as well as providing extensive knowledge and experience as well as an extensive clientele base to sell to. 

COINSPlus has made it a priority to provide you with the number one source of buying & selling. Our employees tenure ranges from 10-20+ years of experience and Kevin Wolter, the owner of COINSPlus since 1996, has made it his number one priority to offer our clientele the nations absolute best option for selling your coins, collections, estates, accumulations, scrap gold jewelry & quality diamonds.

Simply put, when it comes to choosing the absolute finest source for getting the most for your silver dollars, rare coins & collections, estates & accumulations, precious metals, scrap gold, jewelry and quality diamonds, COINSPlus has literally made every possible effort to provide you with the absolute best facility, pricing & personnel to guarantee you top dollar for your holdings.

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