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Why Investing in Hard Assets is The Key to Financial Success

As wretched TV commentators like Bill Maher literally encourage people to hope for a recession and economic breakdown, the casino portion of our markets (risky “gambling” investments like the DOW, S&P 500, NASDAQ, Etc…) continue to hold their own. The real fact of the matter is that we are in a situation that will inevitably unravel.

The simplistic “good news” is that God & The Bible has given us an alternative, and that alternative is precious metals-based assets (Gold, Silver, Semi-numismatic & Numismatic coins). While man’s system is volatile, God’s system maintains a level of stability that cannot be found elsewhere.

Hard assets investing, namely precious metals-based assets, offer us:

  • Security & Peace of Mind
  • True Wealth building & accumulation
  • True capital preservation in an element rather than “cyber currencies” which are the product of the work energy of a computer
  • True investment and financial growth, Reprieve from artificially low-interest rates
  • A way to profit during low-interest rates caused by excessive consuming debt
  • Escape from our fiat currency debacle.

Most importantly, precious metals are the absolute antithesis and protection from the intentionally-engineered theft of the Keynesian economic system which is designed to force the citizens to “demand” their government “do something”, which propels us into a socialistic/communistic state of mind. Precious metals offer long term growth in value, insurance against economic collapse, protection against a dropping dollar and increase in net worth relative to those who are losing on paper. Those with precious metals will gain buying leverage while paper investments erode. It has occurred repeatedly and will occur again. Possibly soon.

Now is the time to make your move into precious metals. 401K’s & IRA’s are a great way to do this along with simple savings.

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