Gold bars on top of a United States flag.

Breaking the Restraints to Build Financial Wealth

In previous blog posts and podcasts, we have touched on the importance of protecting your wealth in hard assets to protect against a total and complete financial meltdown which is inevitable unless drastic changes are made immediately.

The real problem is that the current generation has no clue that the unsound monetary policy by all world governments, cresting fiat currency like wild-fire at will, combined with an unsustainable fiat based fractional reserve banking system that has facilitated the creation and accumulation of insurmountable quantities of debt.

The only real solutions to avoiding an inevitable financial meltdown are to eliminate the following:

  • Federal reserve bank-Must be replaced with a return to the gold backed money demanded in the US Constitution & Coinage Act of 1792. HOWEVER, WE SHOULD ALL IMMEDIATELY TAKE THIS STEP INDIVIDUALLY NOW.
  • Eliminate Debts-Nationally this may require a default on debts and non-life threatening social entitlements. Most likely this will continue to be felt with hyper-inflation rather than default. The 2 are identical while one is virtually transparent. The government should operate just as a family in a personal financial crisis.
  • Eliminate Derivatives Altogether-These currently exceed $1Quadrillion. Guaranteed economic explosion.
  • Eliminate Long-term Politicians-Term Limits. Career Politicians behave for re-election alone.
  • New transparent Tax System based on consumption alone. Could easily lead to a 100% tax increase leading to lower tax rates.
  • Eliminate money creation by politicians and/or private corporations. As per Article 1. Section 8 of the constitutional directives, Congress should only be allowed to create money-backed by gold & silver, and equaled only by what is taxed revenue.
  • Eliminate Bretton-Woods Act and all fiat currencies worldwide. Other countries could and would use our money again.
  • Money must be trusted and fungible. Gold & Silver or hard-fungible-assets only. Precious metals are uniform, globally recognized. compact, transportable and (in general) immediately liquid anywhere at any time in the world. Precious metals have served as money from the beginning of written human history.
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