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Sow a Seed in a Time of Need

We spend so much of our time praying for ourselves and our own needs that we do not even recognize that God does not answer our prayers or do things in the manner that we expect.

So many times we pray and expect an absolutely specific response or outcome that we fail to recognize when He is fully active in our lives. God will bring every form of trial, tribulation and turmoil so often for the specific purpose of preparing us to handle what He has in mind for us once the prayer is answered.

God knows our true needs long before we do and in the title I added that we must “Sow a Seed in a Time of Need”. When we need God’s assistance, we will so often behave as toddlers, demanding what we want, when we want it and how we want it, however as our Father (in Heaven), we are continuously subjected to His discipline, reproof and challenges that will help us to grow just as an early parent knows our need and should not immediately reward us or submit to our every demand.

The best parents build value into every gift they provide. If a child wants $20, they should be required to accomplish a task to earn it. In addition, they should be taught to tithe the 10% of everything they earn and save a minimum of an additional 10% of the money. We are forever undergoing change. Sin will itself grow in our lives until we stop it. The further we let it progress, the deeper and more destructive its impact becomes. Addictions have run rampant in our society and we have undergone so many challenges with changing technology, we are faced with options of sin like no previous generation that I am aware of. In so many cases, we allow ourselves to get pulled into lifestyles and behaviors we never dreamt would come our way.

We need to look outside ourselves to serve others. The primary point oil Christianity is that we are in direct opposition to the world itself. We are “transformed by the renewing of our minds through Christ Jesus”. We are no longer the same, we no longer think the same and we no longer see the world the same for our eyes and hearts have truly been changed to honor Jesus Christ. “Sow a seed in a time of need”. When you are struggling, fearful and undergoing trials and tribulations, pray for others, help others who may even be in the same situation. Reach out to others and offer hope. God sees and honors this and the Devil is defeated and God is allowed to begin flourishing in our lives. When we “Sow a seed in a time of need”, it allows God the opportunity to change our hearts and prepare us for whatever it is we may be praying for. God is good but far, FAR wiser than anything we can imagine or comprehend. Those who become entangled in philosophy, believing they somehow have an intellect equal to Gods are hopelessly lost and will never be able to be reached by God.

God does amazing things. Trust Him.

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