Montana Coins’ parent company, COINSPlus, is one of the most secure, reputable depositories in the Northwest.

Owner Kevin Wolter has dedicated himself to valuation and management of nearly $1 billion in gold, silver, platinum, vintage coins and precious metals for over two decades.

Kevin Wolter is a valuable asset to the numismatic community and is an authority on numerous subjects.

As the leading broker for buying and selling rare coins, coin collections, and precious metals, and a trusted expert in his field, Kevin regularly hosts speaking engagements and presentations on wealth management, coin grading, and long-term investment through gold, silver, and other rare metals.

As a Montana native, Kevin Wolter is available for travel back to his home state to share his expertise, offer appraisals and to buy or sell collections depending on the individual circumstances. There is a thriving numismatic community in Billings, Bozeman, and Helena, so don’t hesitate to book Kevin Wolter to speak at your next convention or event such as The Bozeman Collector’s Show or Glendive Coin Show. Kevin’s passion for helping others to build wealth is evident in his need to educate the public about the precious metals industry and its potential pitfalls.

I recently had a customer in our shop who knows COINSPlus well but got roped into spending over $1 million on coinage with a total stranger. Upon review, it became clear that his purchase was worth no more than its current silver value of only $875,000. The company he went to wasn’t registered in the industry standard dealer networks, and the customer paid the price for it. What's worse is the dealer he used makes no claim of being a brick and mortar facility, yet calls himself a "depository" which likely means the actual metal is not even in his possession. When the customer asked for his metals to be shipped he began facing resistance. He is in a bad situation to put it lightly.

Kevin Wolter is the Northwest’s most trusted, reputable coin broker.

He knows the business, and he cares about his customers. Investors and collectors who value trustworthy, professional service demand to deal with Kevin Wolter and the staff at COINSPlus.

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